Pressing plant of Caivano  
    Treatment plant FORSU 500 tons/g; gasometer 500 mc and purification water for 1000mc/g  
    Treatment plant of waste water producing fruit juices and canned food (450 mc/h)  
    Flotation and screening primary productions fron anumal meat jellies  
    Digester 6000 mc and digestated treatment Distillery and waste sladge  
    Digester 2500 mc FINDUS and waste water treatment (400 mc/h)  
    Digester by 3000 mc and CHP by 500 kW Vegetable Biomass Mocerino group  
    Digester 4500 mc, flotation e CHP by 500 kW  
    Treatment plant 500 tons/d; produce 90.000 mc by biogas n 6 digester by 4500mc and n6 CHP by 1400 kW